Trade Credit Insurance: Export with Confidence by Avoiding Nonpayment.

Insure all sales to eligible international buyers by extending "open account" credit terms with confidence. Qualified businesses receive a simplified premium schedule, no first loss deductible, and financing opportunities. Standard policies include 95% coverage for political and commercial risks, with special rates for countries with no risk factors. Purchasing Trade Credit Insurance will help you in the following areas;

  • Mitigating Risk: Insure your accounts receivables against nonpayment by foreign buyers. This insurance protects you against non-payment due to both commercial risks (insolvency, bankruptcy, and default) and political risks (revolution, war, political violence, and transfer risk).
  • Marketing: Extend competitive credit terms to international buyers. Increase your sales by offering attractive credit terms and compete more effectively with foreign competitors. This will reduce te need for costly letters of credit and cash-in-advance requirements.
  • Financing: Access additional credit in tight economic times by using insured accounts receivables to increase borrowing capacity. Most major banks accept insured receivables as additional collateral.



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How much does Trade Credit Insurance Cost?

Premiums are based upon the industry and location of your organization. The rates can very greatly from country to country and even city to city within the designated location and between different industries and economic sectors. See Multi-Buyer rates below.

                                       Terms                         Rates               

                                    1-60 days                   .55 per $100

                                     60-120 days              .90 per $100

                                    120-180 days          1.15 per $100    


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