Ocean Cargo Solution: Don't be Fooled by Freight Forwarders. 

Ocean Cargo Insurance is a product dedicated to protect your global merchandise On-the-Go. Whether your shipments are traveling by land or by sea, we have the services to meet your insurance needs. In many instances there may be inadequate insurance coverage open to a variety of risks hanging over your international shipments. Ocean Cargo Insurance can be provided by a Freight Forwarder or bought directly from an insurance agent. If purchasing an Ocean Cargo policy from a freight forwarder your merchandise en route could be at risk, coverages are usually basic and few from far between only protecting shipments in transit at sea. In purchasing through an insurance carrier you gain the safety net that you need and acquire diversified protection worldwide in the warehouse, on those unscheduled customs stops, or when your merchandise is stored due to sever weather conditions at sea. Let us represent your international shipping interests giving you competitive rates and special coverages you deserve lacking in your freight forwarding policy. Claims speak for themselves, make sure that you are represented directly by the insurance company and avoid claim payment delays due to indirect representation from freight forwarders. Our Ocean Cargo Insurance product can offer you World-to-World and Warehouse-to-Warehouse protection, Attachment of risk for defining and adding shipments, Broadened Duration for loading and unloading, Difference in Conditions for underinsured receivers in a loss, Export Contingency for losses at sea and buyer refusals, Automatic Contingency for underinsured purchasers in a loss, FOB/FAS/FCA for shipments in international waters, Import Duty, Salesperson Samples, Exhibition for marketing materials in transit, and an Automatic Extra Expense.

Ocean Cargo: Protecting Merchandise and Representing our Clients.

  • World-to-World
  • Warehouse-to-Warehouse
  • Broadened Duration of Risk
  • Difference in Conditions
  • Export Contingency
  • Automatic Contingency
  • Customs Damage
  • Fraud or Deceit Coverage
  • Import Duty
  • FOB/FAS/FCA Extension
  • Insolvency or Default
  • Salesperson Samples
  • Exhibition
  • Return Shipments
  • Automatic Extra Expense
  • Advanced Payment of Loss

Merchandise On-the-Go: Concerns Regarding Transportation.

How often do you wake up to headlines in the morning news? Commercial Freighter Sinks off the Coast of Somalia. Plane Carrying Manufactured Supplies to the Middle East Crashes in Iraq. Electrical Malfunction Causes Fire in Seattle Warehouse.

Your Merchandise in transit may be at risk. A Freight Forwarder policy is often a simple and basic, leaving gaps in your transit insurance program.

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