Establish a Global Footprint: Multinational "Biz" is the New "Buzz." 

Now that your company has established a global footprint, What keeps you up at night? Products damaged in transit to China? Valuable marketing equipment stolen in South Africa? A plant shut down by fire in Mexico City? We can provide the same level of insurance protection globally that you have domestically.

 MultinationalBiz Solution: Build a Foundation for Success in the Global Marketplace. 

Multinational Business Insurance is a dynamic package product designed to meet the needs of corporations that have already made a global footprint. Whether your manufacturing facility sustains a fire in Latin America, your personal business account information is lost or stolen due to a missing laptop in Europe, or your merchandise is lost at sea in transit to Asia, we can provide the international protection you require in developed and developing countries that your current policy may lack and in many cases could overlook. Our Multinational Business Insurance program can be tailored to meet an array of coverages offered in our exporters policy, addressing problems arising from temporary locations, tenants, tax, and leasing liabilities, as well as integrate your current commercial insurance policy to provide the proper provisions and excess limits that you could be currently lacking. Our Multinational Business Insurance package includes extensive protection and higher limits to protect your Property, Business Income and Extra Expenses, Impairments and Malicious Programming on your Computer Services, for additional Crime coverage, General Liability, Automobile Liability, Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation, and provide you with the travel support information and emergency medical assistance in the event of a claim. 


MultinationalBiz: Enhance your Difference In Conditions.

  • General Liability
  • Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation
  • Automotive Liability
  • Property
  • Business Income/Gross Profits and Extra Expense
  • Crime
  • Impairment of Computer Services/Malicious Programming
  • Emergency Medical Assistance/Destination Intelligence

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